The Paradox of Liberalism

The Paradox of Liberalism

Immigrants coming to Europe unearth the paradoxical nature of liberalism Continue Reading →


When Facing God – Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen on religious experience facing death Continue Reading →


Role and Model: Hillary Clinton

How is Hillary Clinton a role model for women? Continue Reading →


The Pope and the Nazis

Pope Pius XII did not protest against the Holocaust. It is depicted in The Deputy by Hochhuth Continue Reading →

Bewildering Female Nude - featured image

Bewildering Female Nude

Matisse presents the modern ambivalence towards female nude Continue Reading →

Painting by Aharon Avni

The Six-Day War – East and West

Eli Amir explores the Six Day War and ethnic relations in Israel Continue Reading →

The Master and Margarita

Stalin and the Devil – The Master and Margarita

In The Master and Margarita Bulgakov presents his criticism of Stalin’s regime. Continue Reading →

Germany and the Germans Image

Germany and the Germans

Thomas Mann, in an address delivered at the Library of Congress in 1945, presented his historical interpretation of Nazism. Continue Reading →

Cristocenacolo Jesus

Jesus in Israeli Literature

Jesus Christ was hated by Jews. But after the change created by Zionism, he is interpreted in a different way in Israeli literature. Continue Reading →

The Rokeby Venus