Role and Model: Hillary Clinton

How is Hillary Clinton a role model for women? Continue Reading →



Three women, three generations of Israeli society. A story. Continue Reading →


Cultural Separatism – Black Box

In Black Box Amos Oz describes cultural separatism in Israel Continue Reading →

Luini Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Bernardino Luini’s painting provides a different angle on motherhood Continue Reading →


The Pope and the Nazis

Pope Pius XII did not protest against the Holocaust. It is depicted in The Deputy by Hochhuth Continue Reading →

The Master and Margarita

Stalin and the Devil – The Master and Margarita

In The Master and Margarita Bulgakov presents his criticism of Stalin’s regime. Continue Reading →

Germany and the Germans Image

Germany and the Germans

Thomas Mann, in an address delivered at the Library of Congress in 1945, presented his historical interpretation of Nazism. Continue Reading →

The Arnolfini Portrait

The Arnolfini Portrait – A Blind Merchant?

Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait is a mystery to art historians. Is it possible that the the man in the picture, probably Arnolfini, is blind? Continue Reading →

Cristocenacolo Jesus

Jesus in Israeli Literature

Jesus Christ was hated by Jews. But after the change created by Zionism, he is interpreted in a different way in Israeli literature. Continue Reading →

חוות העלמות6

On Zionism and Gender – The Young Women’s Farm

At the birth of ZIonism, women were not equal partners. Hannah Meisel established an agriculture school for women, but the students had more radical ambitions than the teacher. They wanted an altogether different gender role for women. Continue Reading →