The Devil, the Saints, and the Church
The Devil, the Saints and the Church: Reading Hochhuth’s ‘The Deputy’ (New York: Peter Lang Publishing House, 2004).

(Book review at Literature and Theology, December 2004; vol. 18, p, 495-496, in Newsletter of the Association of Contemporary Church Historians, November 2004, Vol. X, no 11 and in Implicit Religion, Vol 8 No. 3 (2005), p. 321-323).

nazi devil image

The Nazi Devil:Mann’s Mephisto and Hochhuth’s The Deputy (Hebrew), (Jerusalem: The Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2010).

(Book review at:

Academic Translations (from English into Hebrew)
E. R. Dodds, The Greeks and the Irrational, (Jerusalem: Bialik Institute (in print)).
E. E. Evans-Prichard, Theories of Primitive Religion (Jerusalem: Bialik Institute 1996).
Moshe Barasch, ‘The Image of Man’, in The Image of Man and History, (Jeruslaem: Bialik Institute 1992).

Non Academic Translations (from English into Hebrew)
Stephan R. Grossman, Bruce E. Rodgers, Beverly R. Moore, Innovation Inc.: Unlocking Creativity in the Workplace (Jerusalem: The Branco Weiss Institute for Development and Thinking, 1988).
The Dewey Decimal Classification (Jerusalem: Instruction Center for Libraries, 1997).

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