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  • Anonymous says:

    Very interesting survey Emanuela,more so for me,because in my ex country,we had quite a number of Sephard Jews,who were very well educated and appreciated in the community
    .It’d be very interesting to read the book,as soon as I get hold of it. Many thanks,best day wishes…!

  • says:

    Hi there,
    I try to be an honest mother, which is no easy task. I share my views on education with my kids, but tell them people sometime have to adjust to things they find senseless. That’s life.
    And yes – I am doing something different. A new book of short stories titled “Five Selves” will be published early 2015, at Holland House Books.

  • Cliff Sather says:

    Nice comment on David Brooks column, “The Art of Focus”. Nice blog website.

    I think it is nice that you have three sons. I have two brothers and the three of us used to drive our mother to distraction. She was quite certain that perfection was required of us and that we were never quite up to the job, usually of the household variety.

    So, what kind of mother are you?

    Also, I bet or, at least, imagine that a photo of you smiling would be a nice addition to your web blog.

    Finally, I would challenge you to completely step outside your previous milieu and write something that would even blow David Brooks out of the water. Callow fellow that he is!

    Do some combination of turn of the 20th century art painting, physics discoveries in the period 1900 – 1935, Japanese literature, Kurosawa’s link to … whatever. But you seem to be capable of going quite a bit beyond where you have been.

    So, do it! And have fun. And smile.

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